2016 – HMS Pinafore

Our cast was:

Ralph Rackstraw – Darryl Clarke
The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter – Andy Savage
Captain Corcoran – Ed Atkin
Dick Deadeye – Al Jordan
Bill Bobstay – Richard Tomlinson
Bob Becket – Matthew Hammersley
Josephine – Alison Matthews
Cousin Hebe – Sue Smith
Mrs. Cripps (Little Buttercup) – Ange Kilpin

Photos to follow…

2015 – Iolanthe

Our cast was:

Lord Chancellor – Al Jordan
Earl of Mountararat – Eddie Atkin
Earl Tolloller – Steve Gale
Private Willis – Richard Perkins Snr.
Strephon – Richard Perkins Jnr.
Iolanthe – Rachel Fitzpatrick
Phyllis – Alison Matthews
Fairy Queen – Cheryl Hammersley
Celia – Valerie Hart
Leila – Sam Baguley
Fleta – Emma Brown

Photos to follow…

2014 – The Yeomen of the Guard Cast List

Our cast list for The Yeomen of the Guard was:
Kate – Valerie Hart
Sergeant Meryll – Richard Perkins Snr
Dame Carruthers – Sue Smith
Phoebe Meryll – Nicole Jordan
Elsie Maynard – Alison Matthews
Colonel Fairfax – Steve Gale
Wilfred Shadbolt – Al Jordan
Jack Point – Andy Marmoy
Sir Richard Cholmondeley – Len Dobson
First Yeoman – Matthew Hammersley
Second Yeoman – Richard Tomlinson
Leonard Meryll – Richard Perkins Jnr

2012 – Patience


Many of us decided that Patience was one of our favourites and we couldn’t understand why G&S societies don’t perform it more often. It’s got humour and some great songs. We really enjoyed performing our production which ran from Tuesday 27th November to Saturday 1st December 2012.

2011 – All Change for Christchurch G&S

It was all change for Christchurch Gilbert and Sullivan Society in the autumn of 2010. The Shepshed-based group had made the decision to move their annual productions to the autumn and November the following year saw their production of The Gondoliers, their first full length G & S operetta since this decision. Not only had the group made the switch from spring to autumn, but they had also switched from father to daughter in the Director’s chair – long standing member Cheryl Perkins took over the reins from father Richard for this production.

 The Gondoliers (or The King or Barataria) is Gilbert and Sullivan’s popular Italian operetta, opening in Venice where all the ladies are waiting for the two most handsome Gondoliers (Marco and Giuseppe) to make their choice of bride. The brothers announce that they will be making their choice blindfolded and are happy when their brides are revealed as Gianetta and Tessa. The quartet’s celebrations are interrupted when it is revealed that one of the brothers is actually the King of Barataria, but as the real prince and a Gondolier’s son were mixed up as infants, no-one knows which one is the true heir to the throne. Marco and Giuseppe are forced to leave their brides and sail to Barataria to take up the throne jointly. To complicate matters further, the heir to the throne of Barataria was married as an infant to Casilda, the daughter of the Duke of Plaza Toro. Casilda, who is secretly in love with her father’s attendant Luiz, must wait with everyone else concerned for the real King’s foster mother to come forward and identify the true King.

Sullivan’s beautiful score includes ‘When a Merry Maiden Marries’, ‘Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes’, ‘Dance a Cachucha’ and ‘With Ducal Pomp’.

Newcomer to the group Steve Gale and Allister Jordan became the ‘bei signori’ for the show, with Caroline Robey and Nicole Jordan (playing opposite her husband for the first time!) as their blushing brides. Valerie Hart and Neal Chantrill were the secret lovers Casilda and Luiz with Richard Perkins and Sue Smith as the Duke and Duchess of Plaza-Toro.